When Men Were Men and Fish Were Nervous

Collar and Shoulder patchI stole from my father. When I was house-sitting last summer, I saw, hanging up in his closet, the jacket that he wore when salmon fishing with my grandfather in Reykjavik. My grandfather would go up there and fish with his buddies, and they’d read Flashman books and generally have an incredibly stylish Male Fish Safari. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

I’ve stolen from my dad’s closet before — in 1989, I think I pinched a pair of baggy Girbaud Hammer Pants, which I then wore to every college dance. And I think I nabbed some sort of sand-colored unstructured linen blazer thing to be rumpled in back in 1994. But I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this jacket. I LOVE THIS DAMN JACKET.

I think I love it so much because it has lots of special features, and I love special features. It has a sheepkin patch on the left chest pocket, for sticking flies into. It has a leather patch sewn in for holding your folding scissors. It has a wide pocket ON THE FOREARM, which in unbelievably commando.

L'Esquimau Fabrication
And it’s made of canvas, not nylon, and it has contrasting threads, and it has just the right amount of small D-rings hanging off it, for clipping your gear onto (your landing net clips onto the neck; your scissors clip onto the chest), and the labels are made of satin and have stylish faded colors, and the fish patch is sewn with some tinsel thread so the fish’s belly glitters.

I think the thing I like so much about this jacket is that it is clearly a special-purpose commando jacket, but the special purpose is not “going out and shooting people.” It’s totally badass but does not have a “LOOKIT MY NUNCHUCKAU” vibe about it. I think you could base a whole Internet business around how cool this jacket is.

Actually, I plan to do exactly that. Stay tuned!

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