Announcing the West Chester Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop

Dear friends, I invite you to learn more about the West Chester Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop, where participants will create their very own durable, stylish, and functional gorilla suit.

Now, most of the people I tell this about want to know why I’m doing this. Which is why I’ve tried to enumerate my reasons on the gorilla suit workshop dot com website.

Quite frankly, though, the biggest reason (besides owning an outfit that’s equally stylish and appropriate at an embassy party, at a jewel heist, or in a high-speed chase), is that by sewing a WaveTrend Active RFID chip into each gorilla suit created at the workshop, I can create the world’s very first actual, functioning gorilla detector.

Creating a working gorilla detector has been a lifelong dream of mine:

Anyhow, tell your friends! Mark your calendars! This October!

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