First day of the new commute!

Aeron OkieLast week, Kate and I drove up to NYC to pick up my Lucky Aeron Chair, which Digitas was kind enough to give me after I’ve been sitting in it for seven (eight? nine?) years. Like the UrbanFetch messenger bag, the Herman Miller Aeron chair occupies an important and nostalgic niche in boom-and-bust dotcom history (from status symbol to “stupidity barometer”.) Getting to keep my battered Official-Dotcom-Issue Aeron is WAY better than a gold watch. Thanks, Digitas!

You can see me here slowly wheeling myself backwards down Fifth avenue, all the way home to West Chester, PA.

And then, this morning, the first day of the new commute! I’m renting an office in a new building owned by a local law firm, sharing a floor with some other small technologists and marketers. They seem a decent sort so far.

Traded in Exton Train station for the goldfish pond
And the commute! The commute! it’s zero-point-nine miles, a sixteen-minute walk, all on sidewalks. Kate and Lydia came with me for the first morning, waving goodbye once we got to the goldfish pond across the street (sorry for the squinty picture, Kate, but I am SO EXCITED about this commute, I can’t waste a single picture!)

That brings me to Halladay Florist. The entrance to my building is on Wilmont Mews, which is the little street behind Halladay. You can see it behind the two trees on the right side of the picture. I walked past the Halladay delivery vans, each with their “I brake for Dogs at Jimmy John’s Pipin’ Hot” bumper sticker, around the corner, and to the front door:

IMG_0271.JPG…which is right here. Right now, I’m sitting in my new office, at my splintery old Veterans Administration desk (which lived in Kate’s sewing room until two days ago.)

I won’t post a picture of the office until it looks less like, you know… a square drywall box with a splintery desk in it. Once it’s filled with trees, singing birds, and pith helmets, I’ll post more pictures.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated my entry on Google Local Business, so you can see where my office is. If you have a moment, I’d be HUGELY GRATEFUL if you would write a review, whether it’s business-related, general enthusiasm, or filthy lies.

More to come! I want to lure as many interactive developers as possible to West Chester, so, you know, let me know what you’d like to see!

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