Milking trainer update: ANP’s dad drops the science

Ex-colleague and exceptionally well-balanced overachiever ANP read my plea for a milking trainer, and responded by asking her dad, who is clearly an old-school, old-world badass, for some written instructions. Here’s what he had to say to her:

  1. “You know how to gesticulate to an “OK” sign, right? Do it now with your right hand.
  2. Visualize making that OK as far “up” the teat (haha)* as possible. Your thumb and first finger (they are forming the OK circle) should be against the udder (again, haha) with the remaining digits hanging loose.”
  3. read more at ANP’s blog

* I’m not sure if the parenthetical tittering (haha) is ANP’s or her dad’s.

So far, I’ve got two farms as “possibles”, so it seems like there will be some sort of initial milking 101 training going on this weekend. I will, of course, blog it all AS IT HAPPENS.

One response to “Milking trainer update: ANP’s dad drops the science”

  1. Hey, I didn’t see a contact section on your site, so I’m writing you here. I just read your comment over at about the three chaps from Oxford. I’m not sure exactly why, but I had tears in my eyes while reading it because I was laughing so hard. That’s good writing. Funny stuff.


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