Photographers: I get it now.

I always knew photography is hard, but I’m starting to have a new appreciation for it. After Lydia went to sleep, we stuck a couple of socks that Kate finished into the light tent, put the camera on a tripod, and took some pictures.

What looks nice and bright to the eye, though, looks dingy and yellow in the camera. I guess this is because the tent is illuminated with hardware-store floodlight bulbs, not color-balanced daylight bulbs, and I don’t see the difference in the real world, because my eyeballs do the correction automatically(?) I did remember the magic words “white balance”, though, pushed “menu” on the camera, and pointed at a little picture of a light bulb (instead of a little sun.) That got most of the yellow cast gone, and we got some pictures that I think look pretty good:


…but even that is only after I opened the raw image in Photoshop, selected the background, desaturated it, and adjusted the white balance to favor the highlights. I don’t think it’s considered totally cricket by crafters to manipulate your photos so much, though, so I’m hoping to find a different combination of light bulbs and white-balance settings that won’t need so much manhandling.

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