Let’s have a child, we’ll name her Minnie Pearl

Kate told me this story on Tuesday:

Lydia [walks into the kitchen, holding a doll]: Mommy, I thought of a good name for the doll that Paula gave me.
Kate: Oh, that’s great, sweetie. What name will you give her?
Lydia [holds up doll]: I will name her VEN-GE-ANCE!

This awesome, piratical utterance is attributable to a short, yellow-hatted anarchist that we have been reading about recently. I will put her where she belongs, on a Dead Milkmen cover:

One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead. I met a girl there and she almost knocked me dead

From “Madeline’s Rescue“, which both Kate and I had read to her the day before:

Madeline jumped on a chair.
“Lord Cucuface!” she cried, “Beware!”
“Miss Genevieve, noblest dog in France,
You shall have your VEN-GE-ANCE!

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