Hello, my name is: LEGION

For about the past six months, I’ve been working with an interaction designer named Grace Perez on one of my biggest projects. She’s really quite on the ball — her work is precise, she quickly understands the exception cases that result from a particular design, and she’s able to quickly envision and document page flows that also look beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed working with her — she reminded me a little bit of working with Grace Cham, who’s an interaction designer that used to sit just outside my office when we were all on the fourth floor, before we all shifted floors.

Grace Perez is so good over email, in fact, that I hadn’t even met her in person — we’ve been swapping questions, designs, and technical documentation back and forth over the lifecycle of a pretty sizeable project. In fact, I’m not even sure where she sits.

So today, in the course of clearing up some page flows, I asked Henry Min to show me where Grace sits. He took me to the wrong Grace though. “Oh, sorry!” I said to my old friend and colleague Grace Cham, sitting in her plant-filled cube on the tenth floor. “I asked Henry to take me to Grace Perez. I’ve been working with Grace Perez for about eight months now, she’s really good, and…”

“…why are you looking at me like that?

OH MY GOD EMBARASSMENT. Congratulations on your wedding last year, Grace! Sorry that I’ve been communicating with you over email AS TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE since December! For what it’s worth, I really like both of your work.

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