Bill Irwin on Sesame Street

Thank God for YouTube. Thank GOD for the network effect that turns the entire Internet into one giant distributed network of citizens putting content up. Because at last — AT FREAKING LAST — someone has put up the thing that I’ve been searching for since the day I discovered Netscape Navigator 0.8 in 1994.

This is an incredibly important ingredient of my psyche. If my life ever flashes before my eyes, the walk down the street at the end of it is what’s going to be at the end. I first saw this i-don’t-know-when, but I was too young to know that this was Bill Irwin and that he’s doing a rocket-propelled Charleston. Okay, enough, here’s the damn movie. Ignore the static at the beginning; you just miss the part where he’s taking a boom box out of his briefcase BLAH BLAH BLAH here it is. Kieran, I think you’ll appreciate this insert from Sesame Street:

The other jaw-dropping charleston I found through BoingBoing.
And man, did I spend a lot of time studying this routine while wearing the baggy Marithe Francois Girbaud pants I stole from my dad.

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