Guerilla Drive-In: “Meatballs” at Northbrook Canoe Company

1979 summer-camp movie “Meatballs” at Northbrook Canoe Company was a lot of fun. The weather was intermittently rainy, so we screened the film under the tin roof of the canoe barn (formerly a feed and grain store, before Ezekiel C. “Zeke” Hubbard started Northbrook in 1977.) Our friend and next-door neighbor Harold Ross brought a camera with an enormous, light-gathering lens, and took this awesome picture:

"Meatballs" at Northbook Canoe Company

I can’t say enough great things about Northbrook. Kate, and I have been taking a trip there every year, and the atmosphere is unbelievably, authentically, and gloriously summery. Someday soon, a Hollywood location scout is going to come through with a polaroid camera and a battery of cellphones, and they’re going to make a breathy, yoga-powered shriek, and summon a battery of helicopters packed with movie cameras, second assistant directors, and makeup artists, and they’ll remake Meatballs as a Will Ferrell vehicle. So go there while you can, before it gets littered with plastic latte cups and craft-service tables! Hurry!

2 responses to “Guerilla Drive-In: “Meatballs” at Northbrook Canoe Company”

  1. John, I just wanted to tell you how much fun my friends and I had on Saturday night. All I told them was that I had a surprise for them, and that they had to dress warm. They are used to my spontaneous and off-the-wall connections, but they were blown away by watching Meatballs in a canoe barn! We wait impatiently for the next one in June when we can bring more of our friends.


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