First GDI showing went well!

You can read more about the the Guerilla Drive-In Showing of “Pillow Talk” here. I had a great time, nothing dangerous and/or expensive exploded, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about showings coming up and OH MY SAINTED AUNT we will TOTALLY have one with a giant refrigerator-box castle involved somehow:

Refrigerator box castle!!!
Mr. McGroovy’s Refrigerator Box Castle Plans, via BoingBoing

Now to think of the perfect movie that goes with a giant refrigerator-box castle. Or that goes with the simultaneous construction of a refrigerator-box castle. Or that goes with the sudden destruction of a refrigerator box castle by a sidecar rig traveling at speed.

This also might be one viable way around the bizarre Disney requirement that no Disney movie be shown outdoors from May through the end of August (no lie! I have no idea why, either!) I’ll just put on the 16MM rental form under “Venue:” Le Ancièn Chateau de Corrugué Enfrigidèur. Oh, yes, it’s been in my family ever since its construction… earlier today.

Any suggestions for good giant-corrugated-castle movies?

3 responses to “First GDI showing went well!”

  1. “The Court Jester,” in which Danny Kaye declares, among other things, “The chalice with the palace has the brew that is true.”


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