Guerilla Drive-In first 2007 showing tomorrow night

Making Movies Inconvenient Again! I’m (mostly) all ready to go for the Guerilla Drive-In’s first showing of 2007 tomorrow night. Which is actually the first showing since 2005; last year, things just never got off the ground.

Thanks to Harold Ross’s awesome photograph, the MacGuffin made it to uber-blog BoingBoing on Tuesday, so there was a flurry of (really nice and enthusiastic) e-mails from people that want to come. Hurrah!

Also, thanks to Chris Smith’s donation of five-minute one-reel educational short “Families”, I was able to verify that the projector does, in fact, still work after its 18-month hiatus, and that it still is noisy as hell, and it still makes that awesome hot-grease elevator-shaft smell.

All in all, it’s about 75 pounds of stuff not counting the heavy wooden tripod. That’s about 74 pounds and 15 ounces more than a Netflix DVD. “The Guerilla Drive-In: Making Movies Inconvenient Again!

Click on the photo to see details of the heap of gear.

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