The MacGuffin for the Guerilla Drive-In is almost ready.

The MacGuffin for the Guerilla Drive-In — that is, the secret AM transmitter that participants have to find, in order to get the Secret Access Code — is almost complete.

My friend and across-the-street neighbor Harold Ross took some photographs of the shell yesterday. He has an awesome studio nearby, where a single push of a button plunges the whole place into darkness, and then he opens the shutter on some kind of badass digital-backed Hasselblad and bathes the subject in the light of a fiber-optic wand. The fiber-optic wand makes Important Beeping Noises while he’s using it, and his cameras are attached to huge cast-iron booms to immobilize them. Basically, it’s the loading dock from Aliens. With Cintiqs.

I’m really excited at how the MacGuffin is turning out. This is not a photoshop, but an actual device that exists:

Everything looks better in a Pelican case.

Loyal readers of this blog (hi, mom!) will recognize that this is in fact my knitting bag, now re-purposed as an AM radio transmitter to be hidden in a Secret Location. With a rubber whip antenna, and a Big Red Light, because everything needs a Big Red Light.

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