2007 Guerilla Drive-In: on the way!

I’ve been getting ready as fast as I can for the 2007 season of the Guerilla Drive-In: soldering together the AM transmitter, replacing the battery on the motorcycle, writing the FCC (no kidding!), etc.

I had planned on having everything in place, then sending out an announcement to the (about 400) folks that had asked to be on the notification list on the first day that the weather hit seventy degrees in West Chester. Well, it looks like that day is today!

Here’s what Weather Underground had to say about my zipcode:
SATAN LAUGHS AND SPREADS HIS WINGS, then asks for a nice cool lemonade.

So I’ve still got lots and lots to do, including making up the audio tape that will power the Secret AM Transmitter that will be the goal of the GDI Hero’s Quest*. Rock-and-roll MIT doctoral candidate Kieran made an awesome station-ID MP3 for me (you can hear it here; the chords correspond to the numbers 1-9-7-7, which have Mystical Significance.) So I’ve got more soldering to do, and I’ve got to make sure that the Commando Projector still works, and I’ve got to make sure I have enough Capital Letters Left to Sustain my Breathless Style of Enthusiastic Prose.

Wish me luck!

*Guerilla Drive-In dates are announced ahead of time, but the actual movie to be shown and the secret outdoor location where it will be screened aren’t announced until the day before — and then, only to a short list of enthusiasts who have completed the Hero’s Quest. If you want to find out more about the Hero’s Quest when it’s ready, just comment the blog or email me!

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