Real knitters don’t have trouble getting off the block, do they?

So I’m all ready to go on this baby sweater project, but I have:

  1. no pattern
  2. no needles
  3. no yarn

I know Kate will probably hook me up with the needles, though I’d prefer to buy my own so I don’t have to worry about bending them with my feverish grasp. And actually, I seem to vaguely remember the pattern that she and I picked. It was sort of…. sweater-shaped, with two long thingies coming out the sides, into which the baby’s arms are inserted. And a bit of a hole at the top, through which the baby’s head is passed. Devilishly clever.

Anyhow, I have seen Kate finish a ten-month-project, and use the SAME SENTENCE to announce it complete and begin the next one: “yay, that’s done, it’ll give me time to start the next…” So the fact that I have announced a sweater project but do not yet possess the materials marks me as an utter n00b.

To hide my cluelessness, perhaps I will just push through the swinging batwing doors at Wool Gathering and announce in a loud voice “Give me a thousand yards of your finest yarn! And give me the same amount of your second finest, so that I can knit a bag to take your finest yarn home in!” That should cover my tracks.

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