Hurrah, Barb wins!

Barb Wins!!!

Yaaaaay! The Inquirer’s blogger on the scene just reported that the count of absentee ballots was finally completed — and that put Barb 23 votes in the lead. Since there are less than 23 contested ballots, that means that she’s reporting to Harrisburg at 10AM on Monday. It also means that Democrats now control the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Here’s some more from the Inquirer.

There will likely be some teasing of Shannon Royer, who has been setting up his office in Harrisburg and had gone as far as ordering stationery, all before the ballots were counted. I don’t blame him; of course he would have tried to make a bid for legitimacy, but it will be embarassing now that he has to box up his letterhead and go back home.

Only a total jerk would kick the man while he’s down.

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