Oh, for crying out loud!

Kate, Lydia and I spent some time yesterday evening at her mom’s campaign headquarters — I made some “get out the vote” phone calls, and Lydia ran around and gathered balloons. When we went to bed, the news seemed good, both quantitative (Barb about 500 votes ahead with 92% of precincts reporting) and anecdotal (the departing incumbent had been showing up at polling places, screaming and poking greeters with her cane, which seemed to betoken an imminent Dramatic Boss Vanquishment cutscene, like when Mario catches the final star and Bowzer explodes in rage.)

However, here are the final (though unofficial) results from Chester County‘s state senate race between Barb and her opponent, Republican lackwit Shannon Royer*:

I’m hoping that this is still a “too close to call” type of situation. And I want to know who those 37 write-in votes are for! If it’s Nader, I’m gonna be pissed.

* Not all lackwits are Republicans, of course; this one just happens to be. Viz. Shannon’s gratuitous use of Flash buttons urging people to download the latest version of Internet Explorer. Or the way that he used political connections to cover up a drunk-driving accident in 1994. Each are pretty much equally damaging in my eyes.

Update: It turns out that this seat is the one that determines whether the PA House of Representatives will be controlled by Democrats or Republicans. I would imagine that there will be a recount called for; everyone’s on conference calls. It’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

Update 2: Well, this story is starting to gain momentum. Here’s a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the state majority hanging in the balance. Driving to the train station this morning, I heard the story on the radio, too. I’ve also realized that the word “recount” is misleading — with the results still unofficial, and with about 250 absentee ballots uncounted, we’re all just waiting on the results of the first count. So it’s anybody’s race.

Update 3 The Philadelphia Inquirer continues to follow up on this story, and has even sent their political reporter out to West Chester to blog about the process. Good on ya, Inquirer!

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