Kate’s mom’s campaign ad

Barb is my mother-in-law and a heck of an honest, forthright, straightforward, and caring politician. She’s running for state office in the 156th Pennsylvania Legislative district, against a Republican named Shannon Royer.

Barb’s gonna win, which is great news. Royer is not well-liked in the Republican Party in West Chester; he’s perceived as the pet of the Harrisburg party leader John Perzel, and his nomination for the seat was rammed through the committee without a vote. Partially as a result, “Republicans for Barb Smith” signs are dotted all over West Chester. Shannon’s response — “Independents for Royer” — doesn’t have the same punch. In fact, two Republicans (I swear I don’t know who, though I’m dying with curiosity) have set up a “sucks” site for Barb’s opponent at www.royerwatch.org.

Anyhow, I didn’t mean to carp about the other side so much, but instead to shout “yay” for Barb’s great campaign commercial. Harold and Ed (the men in suits) both live on our street, and are not professional actors. Well, I suppose they are, now, I guess.

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