Un “hurluberlu parmi les « guérilleros »”

French journalist Serge Courrier just emailed me to let me know that his article Drive-in clandestins pour cinéphiles subversifs just came out in news.fr a few days ago. It’s about the Guerilla Drive-In, and since I still use 16MM film instead of DVD players, I’m described as “un hurluberlu”, which as far as I can tell means “screwball“. Hopefully in an awesome Doc Emmett Brown way. After getting described as “un branchouillard” by a French journalist in May, I’m in danger of becoming insufferably full of myself. Yeah, any day now I’ll start being an annoying braggart.

So… did I mention today that my article in Make came out?

page 111!

Page 111: “HOWTO: Make a head-mounted water cannon.” Go buy the magazine, then write in and tell them that they need more stuff in there from hurluberlois branchoillards!

One response to “Un “hurluberlu parmi les « guérilleros »””

  1. Egad, I watched “M. Hulot’s Holiday” last night, and now this. Will the next step be the filming of a Hulot-type movie to be shown at the Gurrilot drive-in and featuring the water canon? Zut alors.


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