See one underground lair, and you’ve seen ’em all.

Since BoingBoing linked to my Flickr photo set about Anthony Abela’s free tech school, there’s been a lot of traffic. I got a call from ABC News this morning, who asked me if I’d like to come record some audio for a podcast.

Would I? Would I?

So I spent ten minutes talking into a very legit-looking microphone in a soundproof booth (broom closet draped with shipping blankets) on Central Park West, and I spent another half an hour wandering through the ABC media center.

Ironically, the up-front part where the cameras are — staffed with shiny staffers in ties and dual-LCD monitors — is separated from the parts where the broadcast production is done by long, dark, skinny hallways. Hallways filled with cable spaghetti, where working equipment is stacked on top of non-working equipment. Hallways that were the exact spiritual twin of Anthony’s tech school, except where Anthony has five students and paper signs, ABC has, well… more. Of everything.

Zach, the podcast editor, was affable and enthusiastic, and they didn’t mind me wandering around (chaperoned) and snapping pictures with my Treo. Which I uploaded to the same photoset. Zach is attending Tony’s school tonight (go Zach! Tell us what you’ve learned about parallel resistance!) and they’ll probably “air” the podcast tomorrow. I’m glad that Tony’s getting attention out of this!

One response to “See one underground lair, and you’ve seen ’em all.”

  1. By the way, Nicole V., I know that this kind of setup is old hat for you. I look forward to getting the skinny on the whole “camera floor desks versus media floor desks” thing. They seem to be two very different tribes.
    I think I know which tribe will be on the spaceship when the space goat comes.


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