Nostalgie Pour LES NERDS

What I actually said in an email interview about the Retropod with very nice French-Canadian journalist Esther Pilon:

“The website was a bit of a sarcastic joke, as my friends Consuelo and
Oraia were pretending to be punked-out Billyburg hipsters (they are
decent, upstanding punks in real life: When the site went live, I got a lot of mail saying “OMG YOU BILLYBURG HIPSTERS
SUCK!” Then, after Sony shut me down, I became a martyr, and all the
email coming in changed to “OMG THE RETROPOD WAS AWESOME!” Which just
goes to show you something about martyrdom.”

How it ended up, in French: (check out the stylish carets!)

Young […] prend la chose avec philosophie. «Mon site était au départ un peu sarcastique face aux branchouillards, et certains n’ont pas apprécié. Mais quand Sony a fait fermer mon site, je suis devenu un martyr, et tout à coup, le RetroPod était devenu fantastique.»

I never used the word “branchouillards“, but man, I wish I had. Branchouillards. Branchouillards.

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