Wow. Wow. Wow.

I saw this on today: it appears to be jazz dancers Al Minns and Leon James, doing the charleston. An incredibly amazing, badass, sloppy, and completely compelling charleston. Holy cow, this is the kind of thing that makes you want to switch careers. The original sound has been replaced with Z-Trip’s All About the Music“.

It’s a shame about the URL bar at the bottom of the movie, especially since that website has exactly zero content. The thing that really gets me about Al and Leon is their throwaway delivery; up above, their heads are rock-steady and they’ve got casual, whimsical expressions. But their feet — their FEET! Their weight is changing so often and so fluidly that they look like they’re hovering, with a cloud of suit-clad legs kind of whooshing around them like a cartoon cat-and-dog fight.

Holy jeezum CROW. You can see many of the same moves (and the same dubbing approach) in this video on YouTube. I love the moment at 0:15 in that video when Al (Leon?) smiles and waves his hand: “What’s going on down there? I don’t know either; I’m as surprised as you!”

For someone whose entire dance repertoire is based at least in part on the groundhog’s semi-Cabbage-patch gyration in Caddyshack, plus a healthy dose of Poindexter’s “OMG what’s happening to my lower appendages” in Revenge of the Nerds, this stuff is next-level to the next-level. I may have to take some time off of work.

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