Ultimate Water Gun’s next mission: Yale Wet Monday

“An Ultimate Water Gun request came in yesterday from one Matthew Brimer. (That’s him, second from the left — click goes to Flickr page) Here’s what Matthew had to say:

“Good evening sir. I am a freshman at Yale University. At Yale, there are 12 residential colleges that all undergrads live in. I am a member of JE College. We have, annualy, an excellent and maniacal event known simply as Wet Monday. This is an old and historic tradition of JE College, an epic and infamous water battle between JE freshmen and JE upperclassmen every year. Wet Monday, rooted in biblical history and debauchery, begins at the stroke of midnight on Easter Sunday night/Easter Monday morning. Many weeks of planning, strategizing, tactic building, etc. go into Wet Monday on both sides. It is the duty of the JE freshman to launch an incursion from outside on JE proper with various weapons of mass saturation (water balloons, super-soakers, etc).”

Yale alumnus Jeremy Fain has greenlighted the loan, so we’re going to be sending it out to Matthew. Good luck to you, friend.

One response to “Ultimate Water Gun’s next mission: Yale Wet Monday”

  1. I’m all for freshman turning the tables and kicking some serious upper classmen butt. Still I can’t help but think, shouldn’t a Yale student know how to spell annually?
    Still I’m behind them 100% – let us know how they do.


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