Ugh, I’m such a central-casting dad.

We have story time at 9:30, but I’m not sure if it’s at the West Chester Public Library, or the Exton Public Library. Damn, if there’s one impression I did NOT want to give with this whole taking care of the toddler for five days, it’s the amiably-befuddled dad who doesn’t know where anything is in the cabinets. Crap, crap, crap. Okay, both websites inconclusive, and I’m not about to call them up and spend the entire storytime being that dad in the session. Okay, heads it’s Exton, tails it’s West Chester…

Update: Okay, wherever storytime was, it wasn’t at the Exton Public Library, so instead we had the standard course of daddy-daughter “there is no quality time without quantity time” interactions:

  1. Rode the rocking moose in the children’s section of the Exton public library.
  2. Looked on with some thinly-veiled consternation as other toddlers rode the rocking moose.
  3. Picked books to read out of the board-book bin.
  4. Looked on with thinly-veiled consternation as other toddlers picked books to read out of the board-book bin.
  5. Built houses and escalators (the two design patterns Lydia is interested in) at the Duplo table.
  6. Looked on with thinly-veiled etc.

    Adjourn to private venue, then…

  7. Learned to use the CD player’s controls
  8. Blew bubbles (and licked the wand, blech!)
  9. Stomped around in the sunshine
  10. Nap (for both of us)

So all in all, a very satisfactory morning! Now Kate’s mom is taking LBY for a few hours, so I’m going to go work on the garage. I am a lucky, lucky dad.

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