Airheads “Super Tech” weekend

I spent the weekend at a BMW Airheads “Super Tech” weekend, which is an amateur tech get-together that is, in tone, something like the following:

  • The amateur birding lectures given by tweedy English boffins, except that the lecture is being given to cover the sound of Charles Bronson digging to freedom in the tunnel below, or:
  • Hanging out with the professor from Gilligan’s Island at a savate championship, where the professor, a kickboxing champion in his youth, must defeat all the other kickboxers in order to get access to the trophy because it’s made of meteorite iron that’s needed for his time machine.

In other words, it’s a combination of really nerdy and really awesome, which is everything I could possibly hope for in a hobby.

Click on the photo below to see pictures and read lies!

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