Make: “the brilliant John Young”

Ave Nero!  I mean, Nerd! Nos Qui wedgie-turi te Salutat!
Ahh, what better use of the “General Bragging” category? Yesterday, nerd-clique-captain Phillip Torrone of Make magazine referred to me as… excuse me while I enter a <blockquote> tag to properly set this off:

“…the brilliant John Young.”

Yes, that’s right. Make referred to me as “the brilliant John Young.” [emphasis not mine, those italics just happened, I swear.] “the brilliant John Young.” [seriously, I don’t know what’s happening, that word is just jumping off the page, all by itself.]

That’s going straight on my resume, so now I am one step closer to being in the company of giants.

3 responses to “Make: “the brilliant John Young””

  1. Actually, on a (slow, loving) re-reading of that post, it appears that Ted [] was the one to call me “brilliant”, and Phillip Torrone just agreed with him by posting Ted’s message. Okay, yeah, sure, I’ll take that.
    Phew, at last other people’s high opinion of me is matching my high opinion of myself!


  2. As far as this completely impartial blog lurker is concerned, MAKE is merely stating the obvious. For generations, going back to the selectively brilliant Charles Duncanson Young (c. 1880-1955), the left brains of Young males have hardly been on speaking terms with the right. You, however, have achieved the synthesis. If it were up to me, I would call you a polymath, though not in front of Newfies or Harley riders. Best of all, you’re a great Dad, as Lydia will tell you, at last, when you’re my age.


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