There’s no bonhomie at the wheatgrass bar

Starting weight: 230 lbs
Target weight: 185 lbs
Current weight: 226 lbs
Re-big-ulation in progress.

So, in my last blog post on the subject, I was all going on about how I’m motivated by success, and I don’t handle setbacks so well. How prophetic! I got distracted by other stuff (er… like whole-milk lattes, I guess), and now I’ve managed to put back on six of the ten pounds I lost. Which isn’t all that surprising, considering where I’ve been getting my calories (Dear god! The raspberry scone I had this morning should have been a third of my total intake for the day, according to the numbers.)

So the whole thing about sticking to my plan by blogging about it didn’t work so well. Well, unless you count me getting back on the #$@#$$@ bean-sprout wagon now, three months after I fell off it, while I’ve still got a net result in the right direction. Off to go stand in line behind the sweater-set crowd for a healthy sandwich, instead of Genuine NYC Banter with the guys at the pizza shop. (The old guy inflates your price by a factor of one hundred: “That’ll be four hundred and seventy five dollars” — I guess he’s waiting for somebody to pay it someday. If you hand over your five bucks saying “take it outta five hundred”, you get VIP service the next time you come back. But nooooo, I gotta go talk to the humorless folks at Ashby’s now. Sigh.)

One response to “There’s no bonhomie at the wheatgrass bar”

  1. Agh, it’s no fun, as you say. If it’s any consolation, I’m 65 and still looking for the Sure Fire Method to lose weight and keep it off (other than marathon training, which has its own downside, like Chronic and Pestilential Injuries). My best inspiration so far has been an out-of-print book by a cranky British scientist, “The Saccharine Disease,” mainly a screed against refined carbohydrates. It imparts enough of a scare to be good for at least 5 pounds worth of restraint.


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