The 20th Annual Turkey Pro National
The first Sunday after Thanksgiving, Kate’s dad Bob “Snuffy” Smith holds the Turkey Pro National, a mellow motorcycle rally featuring “hot dogs on the buns and on the bikes.” His hand-drawn flyer is a hotly-requested item each year: it contains an average of two traditional motorcycle jokes (“Pray for rain, the sissies will stay home!”) and details the itinerary of the day: a cold breakfast ride, a gathering at a local venue, then the “slow race”, in which the rider who can travel the slowest around a twisty course has to take home a huge fifty-pound trophy with tiger tails. This sounds like a joke, but being able to inch along at one mile an hour without putting your foot down is one of those hard, unglamorous skills that really separates the sheep from the goats. I’ve only finished once, but I’ve got my eye on that trophy someday. Someday!

Anyhow, you can click on the image above to get the flyer for this year’s 20th annual Turkey Pro — available for the very first time in digital form — or you can see my writeups of the 2003 and 2001 runnings of the Turkey Pro!

One response to “The 20th Annual Turkey Pro National”

  1. Well, I have to say that bike lovers will be there. I have never been to a gathering of bikers before. However, I have seen some of the great motor races ever staged. Last year I followed Ricky Carmichael who dominated the racetrack. It may not be different this year though. I just wonder what is with thanksgiving. For now i will be posted with all the news.


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