Ultimate Water Gun Pontani Adventure Photo Shoot To-Do List, Three Weeks Later:

  • Finalize copyright ownership details with Julie: not done
  • Get final model release from World-Famous Pontani Sisters: not done
  • Get model release from American Helicopter Museum for use of facility: not done
  • Sort heap of hardware sitting in center of garage, where it was piled after the shoot: not done

On the other hand…

  • Get freaking cool translucent Duratrans photo output from Duggal to make homemade UWG Pontani Adventure lightboxes: DONE
  • Pitch 1,000 words and a picture to MAKE magazine: “HOWTO make a head-mounted water cannon!” along with Pontani picture and a sidebar about the Pontani sisters: DONE (editorial deadline: 9/16! woo-hoo!)
  • Post pictures to website, even though they’re still, strictly speaking, preliminary: DONE!

Click any thumbnail:

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