What I did on my summer vacation

2005-07-13 102

Originally uploaded by tikaro.

We’re back. Pennsylvania is an odd analogue of Trinity, right now: all the mist, twice the heat, but no fog horn.

While we were up there, we also visited the geocache we placed on our honeymoon.

On Monday, when champion babysitter Afton watched Lydia, we put on orange survival suits (like being mugged by a marshmallow), and climbed into a zodiac to go whale watching. We saw a lot of them. Lydia had the time of her life, too, and made lots of friends.

Kate had worked really hard before we left to plan meals, with the result that we actually had an organized, restful, and well-fed vacation, and only ate out when we wanted to. It’s funny: if you read “my mom planned vacations like an amphibious assault”, you don’t think twice about it, but you don’t think (or read much) about the process of a young mom LEARNING to plan vacations like an amphibious assault.

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