In Newfoundland

2005-07-10 075

Originally uploaded by tikaro.

We’re in Trinity, Newfoundland on vacation. Lydia is having the time of her life — riding around in the backpack, making new friends, and laughing at the ocean: “a pool! a pool!”

There are many whales here, unlike previous times when we’ve come up too late in the year for them. There are also rocks in abundance, plenty of mist, and nice c-o-o-o-ol weather. Also, drawers full of knitwear in the house.

So Kate grabbed a Kaffe Fasset jacket, I put on an ascot, and we went and had ourselves a fake Rowan shoot. On account of the rocks and mist, you see.

She didn’t want to seem conceited, so she didn’t include some of the dishier photos of her, but I have no such scruples.

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