I’m slightly nerd famous this week

The Ultimate Water Gun got listed on über-blog Boing Boing on Thursday night, and is now making the rounds of the other gadget blogs. Gizmodo said that the gun makes you the wearer look like a moron, that I have too much time on my hands, and that the gun is harder to make than it looks. Hey, Gizmodo, I take exception to that — the gun is not harder to make than it looks!

So there’s a small amount of blog activity commenting on the Ultimate Water Gun, which means a brief flurry of photo inquiries from tech magazines. (I’m having my photo taken at Sync Magazine this morning, which will be the very first time that my face will appear in a lad magazine. I’m kind of nervous about it, for a variety of reasons; my previous attempt to get in front of the camera for a technology piece had embarassing results involving ringer calf socks and a Doctor Who hat, which is why I now prefer to use awesome punky models.

Update: I got back from Sync, which is in the Ziff-Davis building around the corner from my office. We walked past the PC Magazine testing lab, which is surrounded by glass and full of server racks and serious-looking men with keys on their belts. The Sync editor and his photographer were very nice. I didn’t even have to wear a tank top or lick an iPod or anything!

2 responses to “I’m slightly nerd famous this week”

  1. Do they know you were in college when you invented the gun? Sheesh. Of COURSE you had too much time on your hands. They’re just embarrassed it took them ten years to discover you.


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