Cry Havoc! And let slip the, er… finger on the “max bid” button, or something.

I should point out that the whole reason I’ve got this ballistic Fisher-Price jones going on is because of the Fisher-Price garage playset that Kate’s Mom brought up from the basement, freshly scrubbed with environmentally-friendly detergent. (I am not rolling my eyes, here: when I clean something from the basement, it always ends up reeking of ammonia. I’ve been using Windex the way Chris Rock’s dad used Robitussin. So that was good to learn.)

I’m not sure who enjoys the F-P garage more; me or Lydia. Well, actually, I do know; I enjoy it more. Sitting in Kate’s parents’ living room, I’ll crank the elevator to the bottom, Lydia will insert the car, I’ll turn the car right side up, and crank the elevator to the top, at which point the elevator MAGICALLY DECANTS THE CAR and it rolls around the ramp and across the floor, bumping into Lydia’s leg. She smiles politely, and I crank the elevator to the bottom again. No doubt, she thinks she’s working hard to entertain me. But I’m having a great time, and I’m eternally indebted to the Smith Family Time Capsule and Environmentally Friendly Refurbishing Service.

The Fisher-Price Magnificent Half-Tudor Playhouse With Stylish Dinette Set is also in residence next door, and Lydia loves opening the door, putting people in, then closing the door. This is a favorite theme; she also loves to put the animals back in their cages on the circus-animal calliope keyboard thing. I twist the key, and up pops the elephant; Lydia smiles and demurely, politely, but firmly, hinges the elephant back into its white plastic capsule.

There is no reason why I need these.  But DON'T BID AGAINST ME, okay?
So it’s ON, baby. I’m in fully crazed, meme-acquisition mode. I’ve been searching eBay for the Lift ‘N Load playsets, the Adventure People Daredevil Sports plane, the happy houseboat (but only with dinghy!), the insanely cool popup trailer set, you name it.

In a euphoric battle-hazed mist, I bid on – and won – the Stylish Houseboat With Spring Flag, which still has the dinghy. And the captain, to keep us safe from future choking incidents. And I’m bidding on a set of 24 Little People, and my Christmas Present for somebody is already taken care of this year. I admit it, I may be going a little overboard. Sheesh, how can I stay in the black during this oncoming craze? Can we convert old Fisher-Price toys into cellphone caddies?

4 responses to “Cry Havoc! And let slip the, er… finger on the “max bid” button, or something.”

  1. I am having super flashbacks, especially because of that garage. I have a distinct memory of playing with that one afternoon in my friend Trina’s living room.
    I think my parents may still have this castle in their basement. I can still *vividly* remember how the castle stairs swung out to reveal a secret hideaway. Secret hideaways were always SO COOL.


  2. OH SNAP the castle is cool. Okay, I’ve agreed with Steve Farrell that we should purchase the castle, RFID-enable it, and use it to control… something. Move the king to the throne room, and deploy your application. Put Robin Hood through the trapdoor, and, uh… Not sure yet.
    TOTALLY BIDDING on that castle.


  3. Trust me, Lydia will also love the castle. The trap door leads to the dungeon and the dungeon has a gate that opens so you can take out the prisoner and send him back down the trap door to the dungeon where you can then open the gate and take out the prisoner and send him back down the trap door to the dungeon where you can then open the gate and …


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