U-Haul trucks aren’t very post-apocalyptic.

My fellow BMW Airhead rider Larry in Bend, Oregon, has made final plans for shipping the Velorex sidecar. It’ll be arriving via USF Holland to an intriguingly blank area of Google Maps down by the docks in Philadelphia. If this were Grand Theft Auto 3, you would know to bring a bazooka when traveling down there. As it is, I’ll just wear a knee brace and an Australian scowl. Assuming I can learn an Australian scowl by next Monday.

One response to “U-Haul trucks aren’t very post-apocalyptic.”

  1. Interesting – that large grassy area to the right is usually on fire. The neighborhood must be improving.
    When we went to Bali we bought a large wood carving and thought we’d ship it back. We were told we’d have to pick it up at the docks in Philly. I promptly jettisoned half my wardrobe and carried it on the plane in a suit bag. Fly into war torn Indonesia? Sure. Drive to Philly docks – no way.


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