Guerilla Drive-In almost ready to roll

I got my box of parts from John at KMR electronics, and proceeded to thread up the first reel of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which arrived on Monday from Swank in Chicago. As it turns out, my Eiki RT-0 classroom projector, purchased on eBay, had more wrong with it than first appeared. However, I fixed it. Using motorcycle parts. I feel very badass. Yeah, I’m now a superbad AV geek.

So there’s only one showstopper remaining before trying things out this weekend. There’s a quarter-inch speaker jack on the projector: I’m hoping that I can just adapt that to my low-power FM transmitter, and that it will automagically all just work. But I’m feeling pretty good about things; this weekend’s showing is likely to be too cold for enjoyment, but it will be at least an end-to-end test of the whole Guerilla Drive-In shebang: projector, tripod, transmitter, generator. If you’re reading this and you want to come, hit the “contact me” link above for an invite!

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