The Skule Comes Through

The Ultimate Water Gun came back from its trip to freshman orientation at the University of Toronto Engineering school a few months ago. In accordance with a (slightly batty) British tradition, students paint themselves purple. That’s the best kind of tradition, frankly: both Batty and British. Anyhow, frosh wear yellow hard hats and are subject to the normal indignities, like getting pummeled with a head-mounted water cannon.

It’s the time of year when the Ultimate Water Gun loan requests are starting to come in at the rate of one or two a day, so I thought I’d nag Michael, the orientation leader, to send along the pictures they took last august.

Michael, in his purple at the podium at right, came through in spades. I’ve got to give the photos a place of honor on the Ultimate Water Gun Accomplishments page, as soon as I’m done making up outrageous lies about the pictures and everyone in them. (I already retouched the hell out of the bottom photo to make the stream look stronger, since I have absolutely zero journalistic integrity.) Click the images to enlarge.

Thanks, Michael! May your tub ring always have an indigo hue!

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One response to “The Skule Comes Through”

  1. As you know, I defer to your judgment on many matters, as any father of a philosophy/theology diplomate should, if he knows what’s good for him. However, I think you should check out Koolhas’s new library in Seattle before going any further with your brief. It’s pretty amazing. If there had been a library like that at my college, I might have stayed on for an M.A. in, well, ufology perhaps.


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