Something Awful’s Fashion SWAT

This is an easy genre to do, but a hard one to do well: making fun of men’s fashions of the past. Something Awful just raised the bar with this installment of “Fashion SWAT”:

Zack: “Women will attend to yachting duties, men will gather at the ship’s fore section for a 9 minute smiling break.” Where do you think they’re sailing today?

Dr. Thorpe: The Isle of Plaid.

Zack: I think they’re headed for the Isle of Plaid.

Dr. Thorpe: Clearly we can’t use that joke, because it’s too easy.

Zack: Obviously, so where do you really think they are sailing today?

Dr. Thorpe: Well, I actually really think they’re sailing to the Isle of Plaid, honestly. I mean, there’s no getting around that one.

Go read this right now.

Also in the same vein: James Lileks’ review of fashion house Dorcus (no, really.) And my own stab at writing about men’s fashion

Something Awful’s Fashion SWAT

One thought on “Something Awful’s Fashion SWAT

  1. Matt says:

    I am 17. Something Awful frickin’ rocks, but this site is as close as I could get since the school internet site blocker deems Something as a porn site full of: nudity and sexual acts/depictions. Needless to say, I’m pissed off. Please, please bitch on your site about schools blocking this site off, although I probably won’t be able to read it.


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