Something Awful’s Fashion SWAT

This is an easy genre to do, but a hard one to do well: making fun of men’s fashions of the past. Something Awful just raised the bar with this installment of “Fashion SWAT”:

Zack: “Women will attend to yachting duties, men will gather at the ship’s fore section for a 9 minute smiling break.” Where do you think they’re sailing today?

Dr. Thorpe: The Isle of Plaid.

Zack: I think they’re headed for the Isle of Plaid.

Dr. Thorpe: Clearly we can’t use that joke, because it’s too easy.

Zack: Obviously, so where do you really think they are sailing today?

Dr. Thorpe: Well, I actually really think they’re sailing to the Isle of Plaid, honestly. I mean, there’s no getting around that one.

Go read this right now.

Also in the same vein: James Lileks’ review of fashion house Dorcus (no, really.) And my own stab at writing about men’s fashion

One response to “Something Awful’s Fashion SWAT”

  1. I am 17. Something Awful frickin’ rocks, but this site is as close as I could get since the school internet site blocker deems Something as a porn site full of: nudity and sexual acts/depictions. Needless to say, I’m pissed off. Please, please bitch on your site about schools blocking this site off, although I probably won’t be able to read it.


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