The first Thursday after

The first Thursday after Thanksgiving is time for the Turkey Pro National, Kate’s dad’s end-of-season motorcycle rally. The Turkey Pro keeps getting bigger and bigger, and it repeatedly goes back underground in order to keep things manageable. This year, one pot of “weenie water soup” (pictured above) sufficed to feed the 60 or so attendees, and the 25 or so competitors in this year’s slow race. More pictures to come. Meanwhile, you can see the helmet stuffed full of contributions, and the specialized slip-joint hot dog tongs.

I’ve periodically posted pictures from the Turkey Pro National; you can see a writeup of the 16th running of the Turkey Pro National in 2001 and pictures from the 18th running in 2003. As far as I’m concerned, though, the best TPN picture ever was taken this year by Kate!

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