It’s a super-busy season! I

It’s a super-busy season!

I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off of work, and spent them ripping up carpet, rolling it up, and throwing it in the 20-yard dumpster in front of the new house. Which is a dirty job, but the house looks much better now. We’ve got three and a half weeks to get the floors sanded and refinished, the interior painted, the roof fixed, the wall replastered in that one spot. Meanwhile, Lydia has rolled from her back to her stomach, from her stomach to her back, and has learned to chew on her foot!

EVERYTHING is cooler in a Pelican case.
I’m also working on fulfilling Retropod case orders. So far, I have orders from New York, California, the UK, Scotland, Australia, and Japan — with orders from Japan outnumbering all others.

Oh, yeah, and one other little thing… Lydia started sleeping through the night four nights ago. Kate and I both feel like a million damn dollars.

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