Kate finished the baby sweater

Kate finished the baby sweater she’s been making for Lydia last night. It’s brownish-gray and cabled, and to my inexpert eye looks like she’s just made a freaking Faberge egg or something. I mean, seriously, look at the freaking cables! (You can click to zoom.) I’m not surprised that so many knitters are computer-geeks and knit bloggers at the same time; knitting appears to be the matrix algebra of crafts — complex results achieved through the patterned repetition of binary choices. Not that that’s surprising, seeing the origin of the first computers..

The buttons are from Kate’s grandmother GiGi, who had a French accent (because she was French), and married a member of the Sac and Fox nation. So I think it’s a pretty damn cool sweater.

Almost as cool, in fact, as the Lydia’s next sweater is going to be! Oh, man, I can’t wait.

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