I’ve got a handful of

I’ve got a handful of Gmail invitations to give away. Earlier this morning, I went to Gmail swap and traded an address to a fellow who promised, in return, to change his hamster’s name to a name of my choosing. I have chosen the name “Imprimatur”, so that I can give cryptic answers later on when people ask how my high-school-yearbook hidden-obscenity review service panned out. “Oh, it’s doing fine; just running on the wheel, running on the wheel.”

Anyhow, I have a couple invitations left: AIM me if you want one!

UPDATE: Ell, new Gmail user, sent me a picture of Imprimatur, his newly-renamed hamster:

I’m fairly sure that I’m the ONLY Gmailer who has traded an invitation to have an English rodent named after a defunct teenage obscenity-consulting enterprise. Well, at least only the second or third one, anyhow.

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