Dr. Kott Kicks Ass and Takes Names

For those of you who remember The Mexican Forklift Story, Part One that I posted last year, or those that I’ve told the Missionary Man story to, you might remember hearing about my Mexican friend Rommel. Who I just heard from for the first time in 12 years: now he’s a leader of a SWAT team in Mexico, and instead of a nitrous-injected Mercury Tracer, he drives a 2002 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Here’s what he’s been up to lately. Nice collar, Dr. Kott!

Rommel sent me some pictures of himself in a tactical vest, bristling with explosives and weaponry, gripping a distinctly nonplussed FBI Top Ten fugitive by the elbow. Which, in a rare display of restraint, I’m not going to post here.

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