“Ja, we assaulted a bar

“Ja, we assaulted a bar called tweety”
I just got this request from the Ultimate Water Gun Loan Program:

Frank Ellinger has made a request for the first two weeks
of July, for both good and evil purposes:

Hi there,
I�m interested in the Water Gun, cause we use waterguns among our
Sch�tzenfest activities in Germany. Pls see www.dieneuenalten.de

Normally we raid some bars or private parties and take hostages ( see
pictures at www.dieneuenalten.de – we assaulted a bar called tweety and
took over 40 hostages)In return for the release them we want to be part of

Now we have a problem, our weapons are not impressing – we need to have
“big guns”.

Cu Frank -Germany

How can I say “no” to this request? I think that I cannot.

Update: What the hell is this thing? From the Babelfish translation of the page:

Still more and the truth about the nut/mother of all tavern sport combat battles? With all dramas? Moments of despair and fall, victory and spoiling? Of powder steam and cannon thunder? Blood, sweat and tears?

“Ja, we assaulted a bar

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