“Ja, we assaulted a bar

“Ja, we assaulted a bar called tweety”
I just got this request from the Ultimate Water Gun Loan Program:

Frank Ellinger has made a request for the first two weeks
of July, for both good and evil purposes:

Hi there,
I�m interested in the Water Gun, cause we use waterguns among our
Sch�tzenfest activities in Germany. Pls see www.dieneuenalten.de

Normally we raid some bars or private parties and take hostages ( see
pictures at www.dieneuenalten.de – we assaulted a bar called tweety and
took over 40 hostages)In return for the release them we want to be part of

Now we have a problem, our weapons are not impressing – we need to have
“big guns”.

Cu Frank -Germany

How can I say “no” to this request? I think that I cannot.

Update: What the hell is this thing? From the Babelfish translation of the page:

Still more and the truth about the nut/mother of all tavern sport combat battles? With all dramas? Moments of despair and fall, victory and spoiling? Of powder steam and cannon thunder? Blood, sweat and tears?

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