Hoo boy; the transition

Hoo boy; the transition from non-parent to parent is one of those things that everyone talks about in whispers. “What are the first weeks like?” “Ha ha ha, you’ll find out!” [dramatic pause] “…you’ll find out.

So, what’s it like? Not all that bad, yet, frankly. Lydia has been staying in the nursery, and the nurses have been changing her diaper, and we just show up to feed her every three hours. So for the past three days, it’s only been two hourlong midnight trips per night, and no diapers to change yet.

Yes, yes, I hear you saying it: “…you’ll find out.

She’s a wiggly little package, and it’s been a joy to hold her. I’ve gotten past the holding-the-baby-like-porcelain phase, but not to the harlem-globetrotter phase like the nurses have yet. Though there’s plenty of time to get there, I know! Bath class is at 11AM, then I’m going to run to the cleaners, go breast pump shopping, etc. Lydia has three phases of consciousness:

  • Out like a light.
  • Feeding
  • Out like a light.

Attention grandparents! Photos added!

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