Sure enough, having a baby

Sure enough, having a baby changes your priorities. “No kidding,” you say to yourself. “Way to learn life’s weighty lessons, John.” Yes, but listen to this — last week, I located the original Mahnahmahnah song used on the muppet show. Not the version that appears on the Muppets — that’s freaking awesome, but pretty easy to find online — but the actual song that Jim Henson orignally heard. I originally went on a bezerk online research rampage in 1999 to try to find this song, but without any success. Two years later, others succeeded where I failed, and now the CD is available as an import.

It turns out that the song was written by Italian film soundtrack composer Piero Umiliani, and the track “Mah’ Na’ Mah’ Na’” is from a 1968 film entitled “Svezia: Inferno e Paradiso.” Sweden: Heaven and Hell: from the liner notes, it’s one of those 1960s lounge-core titillation-fests, literally and figuratively: “A visit to a den of drug addicts! See what happens inside a lesbian bar!” R-i-i-i-ight, it’s all educational, like the sideshow tents that lured the eager yokels in for purposes of “education only!” I don’t quite think it was a porn film, quite, but who cares. THE SONG is right there, track number 4. Ripping it to iTunes, I was conscious of a giant thrill of…

…well, nothing, really. Hey, I got the song, that’s great! I’ll enjoy listening to it! Um, now I’ll go play with another European import that, it seems, I’m much more excited about. Yeah! Freaking AWESOME! ASS-KICKING NURSERY MOBILE!

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