NPR: PWNED! My friend and


My friend and ex-colleague Kieran Downes just emailed to say that a track from his CD is featured on NPR’s “Open Mic” program. Go listen to the track from his CD “A Movie About Drug Dealers”, and give it a high rating. Remember: Kieran is studying the history of nuclear weapons at MIT now, so a vote for him is a vote for Buckaroo Banzai.

Album trivia: The album is the story of an enthusiastic rookie who’s thrust over his head in a seedy world of drugs, crime, fast cars, and knitted sherpa hats. Kieran researched this progression (minus the drugs, crime, and fast cars) through the alter-ego he developed for last year’s Mustaches for Kids event. See the progression? See it? Now you’ve got some tidbits to share with indie-rock nerds when Kieran hits it big.

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