I just started working

I just started working with a new laptop: a Dell Inspiron 8600, which is a PowerBook clone and so has odd dimensions. To my horror, Timbuk2 did not have a laptop sleeve that fit my new machine. Googling didn’t help much: all I found were Apple Powerbook sleeves with fifties ski-lodge snowflake patterns that I find, um… tired.

So on the one hand, my computer is too big to fit in an art-director-with-chunky-black-glasses sleeve, but I really, really didn’t want to start carrying around the middle manager’s bag of shame: the cheap-ass black Targus bag (“ask me about telephone bond sales from my soul-crushing cube! Ask me about my cheap tie and my anger towards women!”)

So, I made my own laptop sleeve. First, I measured the laptop and cut out for a box out of 5/8″ black neoprene left over from the rePod prototype. I glued the pieces together with superglue and checked the fit. Then Kate’s mom sewed up a tan canvas sleeve for the outside, and Kate sewed the striped awning canvas for the inside. The neoprene sleeve gives it shape, and the fit is tight enough that it doesn’t need a closure across the top.

I am incrediby proud of my homemade laptop sleeve, and each time I take it out of my backpack on the train, I look left and right to see who is shooting envious, admiring glances in my direction. Oddly, nobody has turned green with envy yet. However, I am sure this is just a matter of time. How could you *not* want a laptop sleeve as cool as this?

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