Kieran had some thoughts on

Kieran had some thoughts on the Time Traveler’s Handbook:

I’ve been
thinking about your time traveler’s guide project, and
although you’ve probably mentioned this before, are
you thinking of it as mostly a technical guide, an
etiquette manual, or a combination of the two?
Naturally, in a great deal of my history of science
reading thus far, the tales of scientists making
discoveries or inventing things in the past is just as
much about the cultural and social circumstances as
the time as it was about the level of scientific
advancement. The social construction of scientific
knowledge has, of course, figured prominently in our
discussions. I can imagine you having a great time
giving instructions both about what technical devices
might be available to our trusty time traveler
whereever he or she might land, but also mentioning
that if they happen to find themselves in a salon in
Victorian England to be sure they can speak
knowledgeably about Vestiges on the Natural History of
, but not to reveal that they know who the
author is unless it’s after 1850.

Good advice.

Also, my brother Oliver visited Philadelphia a week or two ago, and make a great pencil drawing of an ancient Greek philosopher getting excited about playing Xbox. So that’s progress, too. (Other drawings by Oliver on this site)

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