We’re expecting a baby in

We’re expecting a baby in March!

Kate, about 9 months, on the left, John, about 3 days, on the right.

Hurrah! I went back to the archives and looked at the stuff I was blogging about in November of 2000. “Don’t mix grappa with Scotch!” I warned, trying to project a lighthearted, rakish air. Whatever. Blogging is a lightweight genre, meant for publishing trivia to the world, but even so I’m glad to have something important to put up here.

We’re having a baby! Hooray! Yesterday we put a ceiling fan in my office — soon to become the nursery — and I’m going to move in with the cat, in what’s now Kate’s work room / the guest room. The cat will be fine with it, I hope, unless I mess with his Electric Cat Heater pad.

We’re having a baby! Yaaaaaaay!

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