My friend and ex-colleague

My friend and ex-colleague Kenneth Courtney IMmed me yesterday with a coding question.

After leaving [My employer] a while ago, Ken started a designer line called Ju$t Another Rich Kid. Featured items: “starfucker” shirts: vintage tees and Fred Perry shirts modded with mendacious Williamsburg one-upsmanship. Not surprisingly, the shirts are getting him all kinds of press. Now Ken’s selling the shirts for eighty bucks apiece in NY, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and LA.

I helped Ken with some code, so now he’s promised me a shirt of my very own. And about, time, too, since I’m now getting occasional SMS ridicule from grade schoolers calumniating the coolness of my Defend Brooklyn shirt.

Check out Ken’s current stock, then hit the “comments” link below and cast your vote for which one I should get. And who I should send it to — Ken’s shirts are one-of-a-kind, so if I get a small shirt, I’ll have to have a small person picked out for it.

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