You’re gonna rule the world,

You’re gonna rule the world, eh?

I had a dream last night that Canadian scientists in the future had succesfully developed time travel, so they were traveling back in time to give important agricultural and industrial developments to people in order to avoid famines, plagues and war. And also to increase the importance of Canada. “Use this technique, and you’ll quadruple your farm output”, they’d say to a North African farmer in 150 CE. “And when you make an empire, don’t forget to call it Canada, okay?”

For some reason, I stole a slip-joint wrench from them, because it was made of a “Ganadium alloy” that could be printed on a CAD prototyper, but that, once printed, was strong, tough, indestructible, light, et cetera, and would completely revolutionize industry, making high-tensile devices as easy as pushing the “print” button on your computer. (I was impressed by Bruce Stirling’s ideas for the future of foamed aluminum a couple of weeks ago.)

Anyhow, looking at the wrench and imagining the future of “Ganadium alloy“, I was wondering what I was gonna name my empire. Do the polite thing and name it “Canada”, or just make up my own name?

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